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Add a device

It is important that you get the device number right.

If you provide an incorrect number you may be legally liable for nuisance calls under the laws of your country.
OFCOM is the regulatory body for the UK

Provide the number starting with the country code, but without the initial 0.
For example, if your device phone number is +44 (0)1234 567890 then put 441234567890 here


Phone or SMS the switchboard on 07782 961981

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  • This console is connectednot connected

    {{devices.length}} devices registered

    {{getNumDevicesInState("RING")}} ringing in
    {{getNumDevicesInState("CALL")}} being called
    {{getNumDevicesInState("BUSY")}} busy with a message
    {{getNumDevicesInState("IDLE")}} idle


    {{audios.length}} audio files available
    {{texts.length}} text files available
    {{goals.length}} goals available
    {{ivrsteps.length}} IVR steps available

    Number: {{getSelectedDevice().number}}

    Send text: '{{getSelectedDevice().cue.text.label}}' Play audio '{{getSelectedDevice().cue.audio.name}}'


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  • Recordings

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  • {{getNumDevicesSelected()}} devices selected

    Patch two devices, so that they can speak directly to each other.

    {{getNumNonIdleDevicesSelected()}} active devices selected

    Hang up any calls currently in progress to these devices
    Upload a new audio file
    • {{audio.name}} (in {{audio.folder}} ) Delete

    ({{currentText.length}} characters, {{1+ ((currentText.length - 81) / 160) | number:0}} texts)
    • {{text.label}} Delete


    • {{describeGoal(goal)}} Delete


    • {{audio.name}}
    • {{text.label}}
    Wait for...
    and then...
    • {{audio.name}}
    • {{text.label}}
      {{ivrstep.error}} {{nameIvrstep(ivrstep)}} {{describeIvrstep(ivrstep)}} Delete

    This step...

    • {{audio.name}}

    ...then maps keys pressed to steps

    • ->
    • -> Resumes from last step reached
    • Allowing seconds to make a choice
      Looping times if nothing selected
    • {{text.name}}

    ...then goes to step

    ...for up to...

    or until any one of these keys
    is pressed

    ...then goes to step

    ...counting down...


    ...then goes to step...

    ...jumping to this step when time runs out...

    ...stopping the timer if these steps are reached

    Drop this call and start a new call to the device

    These settings only apply to your current console window
     Show additional controls in the UI for setup before the performance
     Log off from the console
    These settings apply to the server, and will be reflected in all connected consoles
     Send a "heartbeat" sms every hour to check the switchboard is running
    The number to send the heartbeat message to

     The fully-qualified URL that this server is hosted on, so Plivo can contact us 
     Remove all registered devices from the performance. This cannot be undone.
     Can devices register themselves by phoning the switchboard?
     Use an interactive voice response menu if enabled, or use goals for automation
     Skip the confirmation of registration and start the IVR menu immediately
    Backup and restore
    Download files for safekeeping or analysis
     Save the audit trail of all devices to a local CSV file  group by device
     Backup the current performance to a local zip file
    Restore a performance from a zipfile. This will erase the current performance.

    Default messages
    Use either the name of an audio file or any message to use text-to-speech
    When not registered and switchboard registration is turned on When not registered and switchboard registration is turned off When something goes wrong When an unmapped IVR key has been pressed When the wrong button has been pressed during registration When a call hasn't been answered in time Registration successful when IVR is off Registration successful when IVR is on Unregistration successful When an IVR step is waiting for a keypress but has exceeded the number of loops permitted